Review Kik Messenger For BlackBerry Multi Cross Platform Messenger

Mobile real-time conversation with kik for mac for BlackBerry smartphone. This so-called multi cross-platform messenger for BlackBerry smartphones, Windows Phone 7, Apple iOS and Android.

I have tested it and installed on BlackBerry Bold 9900th

Price: free

In the first 15 days after the publication of Kik Messenger is 1 million users have registered. Then Rim has blocked the app and went to court, because of a patent infringement? Now the Kik Messenger is back and comes with a new BlackBerry client again.

Kik Messenger BlackBerry

Kik Messenger now has over 4 million users. For more information you can read on.

Photos & Groups

The photo sharing feature is now a way to share the images taken with friends. In addition, there is the function to invite up to 10 friends in a dynamic group.

kik messenger contact list

chat kik messenger


By submitting Display: S, R, D – a user of the status of the message is displayed: Whether it was sent, received, was read.

If the app stores in the background, you get a preview popup window with the new message, see Fig.

popup KIK Messenger

As a real-time communication is possible. Try the application easy. Very fast transmission of data.

The Best Shortcuts For the Browser

Faster web browsing: With these shortcuts you conquer the net by storm

Shortcuts allow a fast and efficient work. How to get your browser using clever shortcuts in swing, shows COMPUTER BILD.

Modern browsers have blossomed into true all-rounders. Thanks to its vast range of functions they have pushed many classical programs in the background and act on most PCs as the actual command center. But while Mozilla, Google, Microsoft & Co. occur with each new version of Firefox, Chrome, IE & Co. on the gas, the speed advantages fizzle when navigating through the menus. It is to open a new tab or to start a Web search do not even require you to grab the mouse and cumbersome to wade through the menu: Per shortcuts that succeeds much faster. In addition, you must not even keyboard shortcuts for each browser remember, because the keyboard commands are almost the same with most browsers. This controls the future your browser faster, COMPUTER BILD has compiled the most important shortcuts for Chrome, Firefox, IE & Co..

Use the smart key combinations to perform actions in seconds. A real time advantage you have but only if you know the shortcuts for the desired action also. Experience has shown that it does not work if you learn all the shortcuts by heart all at once. Select from the following list two or three steps you take each day, and let you incorporate keyboard shortcuts into your daily routine. Does it work smoothly, take before the next combinations. It’s even easier with sticky notes: Stapling yourself to a post-it with shortcuts to the monitor.

Get more out of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer For Mac

Your browser rushes through the network and the operation child’s play of the hand? Then take a look at the Browser Tips from us. Do the unexpected ability of the program to own and get the most out of Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. View all favorite pages in one fell swoop, spellcheck, more speed while browsing – all this and much more is no problem with your browser. In most cases, a few rich simple handles to unlock new features and improve the handling of the program. An important note: Do not always work the tricks described also with older versions of browsers.

A mobile application for constant Social networking activities

1computer_clip_image006If you’re a fan of social media, or who are constantly in the habit of uploading then this solution will allow you to upload your photos from anywhere on all social media sites of interest.
Social media has evolved over time and is an industry in itself today. The sites most popular social networks with a large population activated with his accounts in the synthesis sites. People find his lost time, relatives or classmates through sites of synthesis friends. The enthusiasm of uploading to their precious moments with your network is the most exciting in social media activity. Using high-resolution cameras on iphones, thesis worth per share photos and social network solution to photos you met your loved ones to share the needs of the users of search that can not wait for her.
The solution in the mobile phone is designed to have the photos uploaded to the iphones on social networking sites that provided third-party APIs. These APIs are used to communicate securely for publishing the pictures with the social network server. The orientations of the photos taken are dealt with in a rational way, thus overlapping or inclination of the images can be rectified. So the solution is customization, upload images and give a catchy title, extent and labeling of photos. The application integrates itself be used in the main application to apply filters to images. Required filtering of the image to change images. Depending on the filter you use, you can create some very interesting effects to your photos.
The solution allows users to share and express their creative ideas even moving. To the performance of the core application for sharing photos in the pair taken on / iTouch iPhone made to improve provides this function to all the needs of social media enthusiasts.
The client and rsquo s demand for this software solution the possibility photos on social websites with additional extensions Upload to customize the captured images. With social networking sites such as snapchat for pc, usually achieved with the application for user authentication security by a third party API. This application improves the user experience, validate credentials and leave the use of the base with the various social networking sites. With the adaptation of images of the user’s personal touch have given to upload images.

With solution to hit the user’s argument


2.needs is a safe method that the photos are private property are not within reach of a compromise.

With two synthesis parameters constant review this application under all possible scenarios in real time before he tested the customers to use. With all possible controllers, the application is easy.
With locations popular social networks like Facebook, Snapchat PC, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and many others. This application has been tested with all major social networking sites and the result was a high spirit of the user experience and the encryption distorted or threatened at any time.
So with all the factors that reaches from the software solution for mobile phones, it is highly recommended for journalists and professional media to report events or cover point and publish the information in the media, recommended social communication. This is the platform where the information is fresh and can make a difference for society as a whole. So go ahead and enjoy the publication of his intentions in the social platform.

Towards the end of Android paid apps?

performance_m7_heroIf users complain of invasive ads from free applications, they are not willing to pay as much to offer a free service calls, according to a recent study conducted by the specialist mobile Flurry analysis.

Using data collected from nearly 350,000 programs, it appears that the proportion of paid apps is becoming weaker on iOS (where, however, the paid model seems better equipped than Android ). Between 2010 and 2013, it increased from 16 to 10%. And in 2013, 60% of paid apps cost less than a dollar. “Users prefer free content rather than avoid advertisements or have the highest quality content possible,” say analysts at Flurry.

On Android, it seems that users are much less likely to loosen the purse strings to offer a program. In April, the average price of Android apps (taking into account the free programs) was 6 cents only, against 19 cents for apps on iPhone and iPad to 50 cents (see chart above). Which suggests that the developers offer less pay or else cheaper applications to meet the public success.

The Flurry study thus confirms a previous investigation Newzoo which focused on the revenue generated from mobile games. At the time of the 200 games were the highest (all OS included), Android clinching 11% market share, against 56% for the iPhone and iPad.

The model of free (with advertising such as the Chaturbate Token Hack) or fremium (app free basic pay but some additional features such as Candy Crush Saga) seems gradually impose on smartphones. From there that pay apps disappear, there is a step that we will not cross. For some highly specialized niche content (eg digital version of Vidal dictionary for doctors) or certain services for businesses should always find buyers against a few euros.

[Review] Real Racing 3, the Free To Play pass the second!

real-racing-3-carsAfter paying two episodes, Real Racing just complete the third round with a 3 episode available for free on Android and iOS. Free yes, but not too much! Indeed the series wears fashionable free to play. Therefore, the game is full of content that can be unlocked for a few euros. However all content is free provided you have plenty of time to invest.

Damage management in Real Racing 3 is also based on the logic of free to play. Simply put: the more you ride, the more likely you are to damage your vehicle and especially to use the brake pads or empty oil tank. Of course if you want to keep playing it will be worth repairing all that, if you start the next race with a disability (speed reduced). Where the rub is that it will take several minutes (the time is getting longer as you progress) for repairs to take place. Minutes that can be immediate if tokens that you earn through races are used, or to be bought against real money in the shop Thurs We must therefore manage its portfolio of token if one does poiroter not want twenty minutes time that our car is available again. In short do not expect the big chain game sessions, since it will impose breaks quite often.

Real-Racing-3-Screenshot-2Clean the past free to play annoying aspect, the title is really beautiful and heels without difficulty productions PSVita. Undoubtedly one of the finest games available today on smartphones and tablets. Several workability and driving aids are proposed in order to make the game accessible to everyone. The result is there because the game is easy to grip. This is the first time I find a “touch” game also handy.

The game features 46 cars and several circuits all licensed. The events are varied (race against the clock, endurance, duel …) and available in large numbers. For example, I have about four hours of play for 3% completed. It is easy to take the game and it becomes even addictive. It is therefore not readily stimulus if it is only to take advantage of graphics. Special mention to the menus that are damn well done! Here is an example of ergonomics ideal for tablets.

The online mode of Real Racing 3 uses the Time Shifted Multiplayer system that can compete against other players without it playing. In reality you face double other players that mimic their performance and skills. Fun at first, the system becomes disappointing result because in the end we still faces an RN. Also I still have not found the option to enter the fashion classic online in real time …

Finally the main drawback of Real Racing 3 and its status as free to play that forces developers to introduce game elements that do not belong in a video game, such as the waiting time for repairs or improvements as an aberration. This can be bypassed via a Real Racing 3 Hack download Aside from that the game is really nice.

Apple introduces FaceTime for Mac

Steve_Jobs_Headshot_2010-CROPDuring his lecture “Back to the Mac” Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, said the FaceTime videoconferencing software was available as a beta version for the Mac platform.

This was during the launch of the iPhone 4, Apple introduced FaceTime videoconferencing solution for WiFi. Last month, the company has expanded FaceTime to the iPod Touch fourth generation. Ultimately, explains Steve Jobs, the Cupertino company has delivered 19 million FaceTime compatible devices. Yet one of the main criticisms of this free videoconferencing device was that only Apple mobile devices (iPhone 4 and iPod Touch v4) had the characteristics necessary to use FaceTime (dual camera actually), which excludes de facto GSM, 3G and 3GS iPhone and older iPod Touch. The arrival of FaceTime on Mac OS X v10.6.4 led to remedy this situation.

The main surprise of this ad is that FaceTime for Mac is a completely separate from Facetime PC conferencing software, which rely on instant messaging protocols (AIM, GoogleTalk …) application. FaceTime software based SIP with H.264 blocks, AAC, STUN, TURN, ICE, RTP, and SRT, and allows him to use the contacts from the address book of Mac OS X that can be synchronized with the iPhone.

Just click on a user name to appeal to an iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac if they are connected to the network. If any FaceTime-enabled device is detected, the call will succeed of course not. Note finally that Apple wants to make FaceTime an open standard to attract other partners on its platform videoconferencing.

Other publishers already offer free video conferencing software on a public network, Yahoo 2.0 for example, Mac and iPhone, but to use FaceTime is much more simple to use.

Pou Tips to Update

1_pouPou, the unusual, smelly alien pet has received an update yesterday. We have new games tips. Pou is the cult game in the stores. With the Game Paul Salameh has hit a home run and, with regular updates to ensure that the little one always remains in the top charts. The recent addition of the ability to liken Pous other players. Stark. Yesterday was an update in the stores. New outfits, food, extra games and thus even more fun. Curious and no owner of a alien pet? Then you invite the Game times fast for iPhone and iPad from the App Store and for Android Phones Google Play . We have put together new tips.

Mini-games bring money

With the mini-games can your money ver-serve and gain experience points. Not all games make it the same score. Pou sounds and Sap Tap are our favorites.

Pou has to be thin again

You know the: Pou becomes thicker and thicker. This development prepares the brown diet drink a quick end. Fed the stuff and Pou is slimmer.

Pous are pack pile

Did you know that are Pous pack-heap, apology, pack animals. Thus connects your Pous and have jointly even more fun.

A wolverine has favorite foods

Sushi rolls are the favorite food of the little ones. He likes it just healthy. In general, he would like to be fed abwechs-ing rich. So do not ever give you the same things.

Are there any Pou cheats? Yes, there are. Paul Salameh but do not like and we will find the unsportsmanlike. Ergo, we do not recommend you.

Find cheat codes, help, tips, tricks and new friends

Those were our tips and tricks to Pou. If you have further questions, or find other Pous Likes want to have for your own Pous, the comments feature is looking forward to you.

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