Pou Tips to Update

1_pouPou, the unusual, smelly alien pet has received an update yesterday. We have new games tips. Pou is the cult game in the stores. With the Game Paul Salameh has hit a home run and, with regular updates to ensure that the little one always remains in the top charts. The recent addition of the ability to liken Pous other players. Stark. Yesterday was an update in the stores. New outfits, food, extra games and thus even more fun. Curious and no owner of a alien pet? Then you invite the Game times fast for iPhone and iPad from the App Store and for Android Phones Google Play . We have put together new tips.

Mini-games bring money

With the mini-games can your money ver-serve and gain experience points. Not all games make it the same score. Pou sounds and Sap Tap are our favorites.

Pou has to be thin again

You know the: Pou becomes thicker and thicker. This development prepares the brown diet drink a quick end. Fed the stuff and Pou is slimmer.

Pous are pack pile

Did you know that are Pous pack-heap, apology, pack animals. Thus connects your Pous and have jointly even more fun.

A wolverine has favorite foods

Sushi rolls are the favorite food of the little ones. He likes it just healthy. In general, he would like to be fed abwechs-ing rich. So do not ever give you the same things.

Are there any Pou cheats? Yes, there are. Paul Salameh but do not like and we will find the unsportsmanlike. Ergo, we do not recommend you.

Find cheat codes, help, tips, tricks and new friends

Those were our tips and tricks to Pou. If you have further questions, or find other Pous Likes want to have for your own Pous, the comments feature is looking forward to you.

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